At any job site, SAFETY is always our #1 priority and concern. In addition to a comprehensive safety awareness and accident prevention training program which every one of our associates must go through as part of their new employment orientation, we provide continuous education and support to create the safest environment possible for not only our associates, but everyone on the job site for which we provide service.

At every job site, we require daily safety meetings on simple topics (such as looking in the travel of direction) and also hold bi-weekly safety meetings on issues that were observed during the subject period. Routine safety audits are conducted on a regular basis, as well as random observation on selected individuals. At the end of most bi-weekly safety meetings, our associates are usually rewarded with a hearty meal at company expense for maintaining safety and being accident free for the period. Maintaining an incident-free safety record is one of the most important categories we take into consideration when calculating the group performance bonus for our teams at each individual job site.

We have certified trainers on staff to provide training and certification for all types of equipment we use, as well as to maintain proper documentation for complete compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations and requirements at all times for all of our employees. In case of an accident, we follow up with a complete investigation which includes mandatory post-accident drug testing for all associates involved. All of our findings are documented, properly filed, and also submitted to our customers upon request. We hold our associates accountable for repeated incidents or accidents due to negligence through disciplinary actions, which includes suspension and termination depending on the severity and/or the frequency of such negligence.

Workers' compensation insurance premium is our number one expense outside of payroll, which gives us a financial reason to stay on top of this very important issue and to ensure that we're routinely practicing safe, preferred work methods at all times. Through our dedicated and diligent efforts, we are proud to state that we have been successful in keeping our injury claims to a level significantly below the industry average. While we'll willingly acknowledge that we're probably also very fortunate to have this result, we still realize that safety is no accident.