On-Site Pallet Repair Service

We provide a truly niche service for an area that involves significant cost, however, often overlooked by distribution center management.
It is customary for pallet companies to come to a distribution center with new pallets that are being sold to the DC, and leave with broken pallets for some form of credit towards the purchase. These exchange programs are often not cost-effective and the accuracy of the number of broken pallets being picked up, as reported to DC management is too often "questionable" at best. It's a shame but it's also reality.

We take the transportation out of this equation by offering an on-site pallet repair program. This is a cost-effective program with guaranteed zero shrinkage of pallets as pallets being repaired never leave the facility. Using simple procedures and documentation, we ensure the count of the inventory is accurate at all times. And, perhaps more importantly, you'll be in control of your own pallets at all times.

Our customers that currently utilize our on-site pallet repair service have experienced cost savings on the average of 35 to 70 percent, depending on the operation. We're confident that we can make a significant financial difference if we replace a "trade" of some form with any pallet company.